Benefits from Membership in BSA

We believe that the establishment of an association to represent the interests of all companies and individuals from the photovoltaic sector is of key importance for the success of the entire solar industry in the country.

The BSA is as strong as the members it represents.

By joining the association, you become part of the community of companies and individuals focusing on promoting the solar business in Bulgaria and your membership will bring you the following benefits:

  • You will be a part of the green idea

Membership in BSA allows you to be involved in the association's activity and to influence the development of the solar industry in Bulgaria. By visiting seminars and meetings of BSA, you will be able to participate in the discussion of current problems in the sector and contribute to the accomplishment of actual changes.

  • BSA is your reputable referee

BSA stands behind its members and can recommend your business as a contractor and thus increase the number of your prospective customers. You can use the association's logo on your web site or promotional materials.

  • Our common idea unites us and makes us stronger

BSA has become home to some of the largest solar producers in the country and stakeholders from the photovoltaic sector. United by our common idea, we can work together and express our opinions jointly, in order to develop a strong an successful solar industry. The support of everyone in the sector is of significant importance for the success of our initiative.

  • You are informed about the future now

BSA provides up-to-date information to its members about future trends in the field of solar technologies and forthcoming events, new business opportunities and methods of funding, which will facilitate you and guide you when making strategic decisions on the development of your photovoltaic business.

  • You develop your business among friends and supporters

BSA allows you to work in cooperation with sector leaders and to communicate with its members, different institutions, organisations and media. This is a great opportunity for starting new partnerships and finding valuable contacts, for sharing knowledge and experience and problem solving. As members of BSA, you will receive advice and expert support in the preparation of documents to different institutions, consultations of primary importance and cooperation from other association members with solid and extensive experience.

  • Platform for bilateral dissemination of updated information

Through electronic newsletters and web site publications, our members receive timely information about all important events and news in the field of photovoltaics, policy development and changes in legislation. Our members have access to reports on the association's activity, copies of important documents, administrative procedures and funding opportunities. In addition to updated information to its members, BSA can also disseminate information about the activity of its members to the public and its media partners. Through our web site and Facebook page, you can publish advertisements, news about your activities and projects.

  • Preferential terms

Membership in BSA grands you preferential terms and discounts for participation in seminars, forums, trainings, conferences, exhibitions, advertising campaigns and different events organised by the association and its partners.