Membership Fee

Whether you are a solar energy producer, distributor, contractor, installer, architect, consultant or just a supporter of the green idea, you can become a member of BSA and receive important information, advocacy and opportunities that will ensure the long-term well-being of your business.

Membership in the association is voluntary and can be either permanent or associated.

Permanent members are legal entities or individuals who benefit from the results of the association's activity and fulfil their obligations in line with the provisions of BSA's Statute. They pay an yearly membership fee of BGN 50.00 (fifty) based on a decision of the General Meeting. Each permanent member of the association is entitled to one vote in the General Meeting when taking decisions.

During a session of the association's General Meeting, held on 15.03.2014, it was decided to also attract associated members.

Associated members of the associations have the same rights as the permanent members, however, they are not entitled to vote in the General Meeting. They are only entitled to a consultative vote. Their membership does not involve payment of a membership fee.

You can express  your willingness to become a member by filling in an application form and sending it to info@bsa.bg, in which way you state your readiness to cooperate for accomplishment of the association's objectives, to observe the Statute and the internal regulations. Membership is granted following a decision by the Board of Directors of BSA and payment of an yearly membership fee by applicants for permanent membership.